Create touchpoints to engage customers using unique and creative branded experiences

Experiential brand experience is the most powerful form of word-of-mouth driving activity for 50 to 80% in any given product category.” The best ways to gain a competitive edge is to steer marketing efforts toward building strong connections with customers via experiential marketing.

However, companies that succeed with experiential marketing must go beyond just giving consumers attractive offers and samples. True magic happens when brands put individual customers or groups of consumers in an immersive branded experience, going beyond PR stunts, display ads, and promoted social media ads to stir positive emotions in people and foster brand loyalty.

Successful campaigns encourage customers to repeatedly come back in order to influence their customer lifetime value. Six One can help your company by creating touch points to engage customers using unique and creative branded experiences. Although our below the line experiences are real-life and in person, we add value by marrying them with social and content to amplify efforts across channels.

We handle everything from experience ideation down to ambassador recruitment and management to measuring the impact of the campaign.

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